Gun Truck Roadtrip

Labor Day Weekend 2004

We met and talked with many nice people along the way!

Many people gave support with waves and appreciative gestures as they passed. A lot of people were very interested in it and took in the history of the Vietnam Gun Trucks as I explained it.

I hope these people realized that I was honoring the Vietnam Veterans with my actions and words, and not glorifying war or violence. War and the preparation for war is an unavoidable price we have to pay to preserve the freedoms we cherish. My work with this truck and displaying this truck is all about remembering the honorable men and women who answered their nation's call, and served without regard for themselves or their future. Some were in harm's way, some were not. But having the integrity to serve as requested, doing what your chain of command orders, and not expecting or anticipating any special recognition or reward demonstrates some of the finest character our country has to offer.

Over Labor Day weekend, the "PR" made this road trip from the east coast to Wheaton, IL. Unfortunately the last 30 miles had to be behind a tow truck. The "PR" threw a rod thru the side of the engine block, and could no longer develop enough power to move safely on the highway. Yes, the engine continued to run on FIVE cylinders until the astonished driver shut it down, although it was not pretty and certainly not safe.

Information leading to locating and acquiring a turbo diesel for the "PR" would be appreciated. Actually donations of $$$ or especially a military-spec correct turbo diesel engine would be appreciated and receive recognition.

"PR Gun Truck" Restoration

2206 N. Main Suite 220

Wheaton, IL 60187

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